Data Warehousing

Vcarve delivers data warehousing consulting services through a proven group of seasoned consultants. These services cover all aspects of the typical data warehouse implementation with a particular emphasis on Informatica, Datastage, and Teradata technology, including;

Data Architecture and Data Modeling:
Understanding and organizing your data is a critical component to any data warehouse effort. Our data architecture and data modeling capabilities can ensure that your data is timely and accurate.

Technical architecture:
The architecture of your data warehouse environment is the foundation on which the success of your project depends. Our seasoned consulting staff provides their experience to each project to establish the technical infrastructure that is right for your organization.

ETL application design and development
Whether you company is taking an ETL or ELT approach, our consulting staff can support and guide you in designing and developing a robust and resilient approach that will deliver your source data to the target platform efficiently and effectively, regardless of the chosen ETL tool.

BI design and development
A key success factor for a data warehouse implementation is to prepare a business intelligence environment that meets the client’s business users’ information needs. Our consultants are capable of discovering the needs of each business user group, and translating them into application designs and subsequently develop them across multiple environments including; BusinessObjects, MicroStrategy, Cognos, etc.

    Area of expertise

  • Intranet and extended enterprise solution
  • Business and sales
  • Customized application
    design, development

    Information Technology

  • ERP
  • Project Planning
  • Data Warehousing
  • Database Management sys
  • Software Development
  • Software Architecture
  • Network Engineering
  • Training
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